2.3 Head Stud Kit RWA1585-23

2.3 Head Stud Kit RWA1585-23

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RWA 1585-23 2.3 Head stud kit

  • ARP Head stud kit 2.3.
  • ARP head studs or main stud kits give positive location and less block distortion when the cylinder head or main caps are torqued into place. 10 studs, washers, nuts.
  • RWA1585-23 ARP head stud kit is the way to go on high stressed engines. All kits come with hardened parallel-ground washers and high quality nuts. The studs are manufactured from 8740 chrome moly steel, heat treated in house to 190,000 psi tensile strength and precision J-form threads rolled after heat treating to create a fastener that has threads 2000% stronger than others.
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ARP manufactures fasteners from a wide assortment of materials ranging from popular stainless steel and 8740 chrome moly to exotic alloys that have been developed to handle space travel.

You should also know that there are grades within specific alloys. For example, 8740 is available in four grades:

  1. SDF (guaranteed seamless and defect free).
  2. CHQ (cold head quality).
  3. Aircraft.
  4. Commercial.

ARP uses only the first two (SDF and CHQ), even though they cost more than double “Aircraft” quality.

8740 Chrome Moly: Until the development of today’s modern alloys, chrome moly was popularly considered a high strength material. Now viewed as only moderate strength, 8740 chrome moly is seen as a good tough steel, with adequate fatigue properties for most racing applications, but only if the threads are rolled after heat-treatment, as is the standard ARP production practice. Typically, chrome moly is classified as a quench and temper steel, that can be heat-treated to deliver tensile strengths between 180,000 and 210,000 psi.

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