2.3 Gapless Turbo Ring Set .025 3.80″


  • RWA1567-2T
  • 2.3 Total Seal Gapless 2nd ring.
  • File Fit .025″
  • Overbore for Turbo Applications 3.800″
  • Bbore size 2mm,2mm,4.75mm
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Total Seal® pioneered Gapless® technology over 50 years ago. Our Gapless® piston ring design provides consistent performance that doesn’t fade with opening end gaps. They are used for all aspects of Motorsports, Diesel, Industrial, Compressors and Aviation.

Total Seal® Gapless® patented Top or 2nd Piston Rings provide:

  • Elimination of blow-by
  • Increased horsepower & torque
  • Longer engine life
  • Improved consistency
  • Longer ring life
  • Better sealing
  • Saves money (fewer tear-downs)
  • Cleaner, cooler engine oil
  • Better oil control
  • Increased intake signal
  • Wider torque curve
  • More engine vacuum

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