2.0/2.3 Steel Flywheel RWA 1629D

2.0/2.3 Steel Flywheel RWA 1629D


1629D 2.0/2.3 11 lbs. Light Steel Flywheel. Double drilled for the 7.5″, 7 7/8″ and 8.5″ pressure plates. Uses 3/8″ bolts for the attachment of the pressure plate. RWA1625B-3/8. Use the 1625A flywheel bolts to attach the flywheel to the crankshaft. Does not work with the turbo 9″ or 9.25″ clutch cover plates.

A longer throw out bearing is usually required for proper clutch engagement/disengagement. Use  either RWA1634 long throw out bearing or RWA 1634BO bored out long throw out bearing. The RWA1634 works with all the 23 spline 4 speed “rocket” box Pinto transmissions. The RWA 1634BO is used for the 4 speed SROD transmissions usually found in the 79-UP Mustang/Capri.

Total thickness of this flywheel is .645″. At the center where it attaches to the crankshaft it is .325″ thick and the minimum thickness from the clutch face to the relief cut on the back side is .280″


The flywheel is the foundation of the clutch system, and because it is an energy storage device, also determines the amount of power available to launch the car. A heavy flywheel stores more energy as it spins than a light flywheel. If your engine and gearing combination requires more power or inertia to make the car launch without bogging the motor, you will want a heavier flywheel. Keep in mind, though, that a heavier flywheel will be slower to accelerate through the gears. A lighter flywheel creates less inertia at launch, but will accelerate quicker through the gears. In order to effectively use a lighter flywheel, you must consider the car weight, operating RPM of the engine, and most importantly, the gearing. Too little gear will cause the engine to nose over or ‘bog’ on launch.

RWA 1629A  billet steel flywheels are recommended as a replacement for factory cast flywheels in high performance and racing vehicles. Cast flywheels are not explosion proof and can be dangerous when used in high performance applications at higher RPMs. RWA 1629A billet steel flywheels are CNC machined from certified materials and exceed SFI specifications. After machining, the flywheels are blanchard ground parallel to the crankshaft mounting surface ensuring minimum runout and the optimum mating surface for the clutch disc. Use steel flywheels in heavier drag race cars or for the best driveability in street driven vehicles.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in
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