Complete capacitive discharge ignition system for 4-6-8 cylinder race engines.
This kit comes with #102001 Ignition module (including wire harness), #102002 CD-1 ignition coil and #102004 USB Interface (required for custom programming and data logging capability)
· 135 mJ spark energy output.
· Digitally set launch, burnout, and maximum RPM limits with 100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM (10,900 RPM for maximum RPM limit).
· PC programmable advance features ranging from a simple RPM based advance curve to a 3D timing map with boost proportional retard.
· Built-in data logging capability with 16 Mbit DataFLASH memory.
· Dedicated input terminals for launch RPM and manifold pressure.
· One general purpose input and two general purpose input/output terminals. Inputs can be programmed for high gear retard, burnout RPM limit, vehicle speed sensor, and throttle position sensor.
· Outputs can be programmed for RPM window switch, nitrous system activation, and multi-gear shift light functions.
· Fully encapsulated construction using surface mount electronics. Waterproof and highly resistant to vibration and shock. 12 pin Deutsch connector used for signal connections.
· Compact size. Module is 7.0”L x 5.25”W x 1.9”H. Coil is 4.4”L x 3.2”W x 3.0”H
· Highly efficient switching power supply based on US Patents 6518733 and 6636021. Less than 5 amp current draw at 8,000 RPM. Rated for continuous operation at 8,500 RPM and 85º C (185º F).