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  • RWA 1543 2.0 Cam timing belt is race proven. Our timing belts are of the highest quality and we have never had a belt fail. Cam timing belts stretch with age and will affect engine performance. The timing belt should be replaced during engine rebuild or after each race season. A visual inspection of the belt is highly recommended every other race or every 10,000 miles of street driving.
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    RWA 1440K 2.0 Pinto adjustable cam sprocket. This all aluminum anodized cam sprocket is a must have with any performance engine. The adjustable cam sprocket lets you dial in the camshaft for your specific needs. It is easily adjusted with the supplied allen wrench. The built in belt guide helps keep the belt from walking off the back of the sprocket and lets you adjust the camshaft without having to loosen the cam bolt. Specify Blue or Red.
    • Anodized for long life
    • 10 degrees of advance or retard adjustment
    • Degree marks laser etched
    • Built in belt guide
    • Easily adjustable
  • RWA1537 2.0 Pinto/Capri timing belt tensioner is a new replacement for your old and tired stock tensioner. The timing belt tensioner should be replaced every so often, even if it looks good. When these let go, the result is usually not pretty.
  • RWA 1508 2.0 oil spray bar is a brand new manufactured piece. The spray bar includes a new rubber o ring.
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